Baseball Queensland Board of Directors Vacancy

Published: 09/01/2018

Prior to the New Year, Jo Butler made the decision to step down from the Board of Management as a Director.

As many of you would be aware Jo has extensive experience in the area of Corporate Governance.
Both Jo and Rob Wesner had invested a tremendous amount of time and work into bring the policies and procedures of the Baseball Queensland Board of Management up to standard.

That work that Jo has completed to date has certainly helped put new board members, Geoff, Keith and myself on the path to success.
I would like to personally thank Jo for her hard work, and her continued support.

Director Vacancy

Under section 3.8; Item: 3.8.2 of the Baseball Queensland Constitution (attached) the Board of Management has the ability to appoint a new Director on a simple majority vote at a Board Meeting.

The Board has identified Corporate Governance at the key area of expertise that we would like candidates to possess.

As such we would like Clubs and Regions to ask their Members for Applicants to fill the Role.

Applicants are advised to read through the attached Board Position Job Description.
The position is a significant undertaking, one which does a significant time requirement outside of normal business hours.

Submission Guidelines:

Candidates are asked to submit the following:

Professional Resume
Application / Cover Letter

Candidates are required to submit both Resume and Letter directly to myself.
These will be circulated to the board for assessment.

Process Timeline:
January 8th: Applications Open
February 2nd: Applications Close
February 20th: Applicant Appointed

Kind regards,

Jeremy Cade
Commissioner | Baseball Australia Council Delegate

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