Umpires – 2018 Australian Championships

Published: 18/12/2017

As a matter of urgency, QBUA is seeking expressions of interest for those wanting to extend their skills as an Umpire and nominate for the 2018 Australian Championships of Little League, Junior League, and Senior League.

To be eligible, you must also meet the minimum requirement as an Umpire set by Baseball Australia. If you are not aware of this requirement, please contact Mr Barry Foat, State Director for Little League, for further information. You should be working as an Umpire on a regular basis at the level you’re wanting to nominate for, for at least the last 12 months (ideally the last two years).

If you think you ‘fit the bill’, please forward your expression of interest to:

Paul Latta – State Director (;
Barry Foat – State Director Little League (; and
Mick Cumming – QBUA Secretary (

Include in your nomination:
what game experience you’ve had over the last 1 to 2 years; and
what you commit to doing between now and the Championships (working on a regular basis at the level you’re nominating for would be a minimum expectation).

To ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend the Championships, make sure that you forward your nomination to the above email addresses by no later than 24 December 2017.

QBUA is eager to work with those that want to extend themselves as an Umpire, so even if you aren’t selected this year, we can put a plan together so that you can achieve your goals in the future.

Below are the dates and locations for the Australian Championships.

Australian Senior League Championships
Dates: 20th May to 25th May
Venue: Albert Park, Lismore NSW

Australian Junior League Championships
Dates: 27th May to 1st June
Venue: Diamond Sports SA, West Beach SA

Australian Little League Championships
Dates: 6th June to 11th June
Venue: Albert Park, Lismore NSW

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