League Fines

Published: 17/11/2017

Please note that the GBL is now imposing $75 fines on clubs for anyone officiating in a game where they do not hold an accreditation for the role being performed.

Officiating in a game means: Coach, Assistant Coach, Scorer or Umpire.

Please find attached the current list of accredited umpires and when the accreditation runs out. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep track of when your accreditation expires.

We have already received our first fine so please if you are asked to officiate and you do not hold your accreditation for the position please decline.

If you are an umpire and are not on this list please contact Angie Bedggood urgently at: club.secretary@redlandsrays.com.au

Level 0 Accredited Umpires
Level 1 Accredited Umpires

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